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"The Tortellis" which wasn't very successful, and "Frasier," which was.

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Q: What are the tv spin offs from sitcom cheers?
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Frasier is a spinoff of what TV show?

Frasier is a spin off of Cheers, a 1980's sitcom. Frasier plays a unhappily married character on Cheers, and after cheers went off the air, they continued his story on his own show -Frasier.

Is there a person by the name of danson in the movie cheers?

The actor Ted Danson is in the television sitcom called Cheers.

What is the examples of spin-off?

On television ... Frasier was a spin-off from Cheers Joey was a spin-off from Friends

Who played the character Carla on the television show Cheers?

Carla Maria Victoria Angelina Teresa Apollonia Lozupone Tortelli LeBec was portrayed by Rhea Perlman. She also starred in several cameos and spin offs.

What were the spin offs from the tv show Alice?

'Flo' 1980-81 ,

What was the TV sitcom about a Boston bar that premiered 27 years ago?

Cheers Oodles ROCK!

What is a spin-off?

A spin-off is something that comes (is made) from something else. Typically, it is used to describe companies, TV shows, or even product ideas. As an example, the U.S. sitcom show called "Frasier" was a spin-off show of the earlier show called "Cheers". Kelsey Grammer (playing Dr. Frasier Crane) was the star of the Frasier show, but in Cheers, he was a patron of the Cheers bar. In both, he was a Psychiatrist. So, in the Cheers show, his character was part of the whole Cheers show (sharing time with the other actors/characters), but in the Fraser show he was the center of attention and the shows premise revolved around his work as a psychiatrist. The United States can be considered a spin-off of the European & Great Britain countries, and in many ways, the Protestants could be considered a spin-off of the Catholic church.

What are the tv spin offs from all in the family?

The following TV series are spin-offs from All In The Family: Good Times, Maude, The Jeffersons, Gloria, & Archie Bunker,s Place.Maude and the Jeffersons.Also:"Archie Bunker's Place" More of a continuation of the old show, but still technically a spin-off."Gloria" Gloria divorces Mike and starts a new life."704 Hauser" The Bunker house with a different familyAnd two spin-offs from the spin-offs:"Good Times" Maude's maid Florida gets her own show"Checking In" The Jeffersons' maid Florence gets her own show.

What was the Cheers episode where Sam Malone scripted a rap about an athlete's groin injury?

The episode of Cheers where Sam Malone scripted a rap about an athelete's groin injury was titled 'I on Sports.' Cheers is a Television sitcom that aired in 1982 and ran for 11 seasons.

Is Ted danson cool?

Yes, he played roles on television acting as Sam "Mayday" Malone in Cheers and Dr. John Becker on the sitcom Becker.

Where can you find information about TARDIS?

Information about tardis can be found on the British television series Doctor Who. Additional information can also be obtained from spin-offs of the series.

On which tv show will you find a vulcan named Spock?

Spock originally appeared on Star Trek, but has made cameos on other Star Trek spin-offs.