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The libertines - the boy looked at johnny

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Q: Which song has everybody goes lie dee die lie dee die lalala lie dee die in the chorus?
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What is the name of the song with the chorus 'everybody wants everybody needs'?

Stabilo's song everybody has those words in the chorus. Stabilo, originally called Stabilo Boss, is a rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Searching for song with chorus going to come back going to come back the artist is female and this words are in chorus?

The song is "Maybe" by Ingrid Michaleson, from her 2009 album, Everybody.

What is the song where at the beginning of the chorus it goes glooorriouuussss?

Angels We Have Heard On High

What is the chorus to the song 'AM to PM' by Christina Milian?

The chorus to the song 'AM to PM' by Christina Millian goes "somebody hit the lights, so we can party day and night". The song goes on to say "people getting down that's right, from AM to PM".

Which song has a chorus that goes 'promises promises'?

Promises, Promises by Dione Warwick

What is the song with the chorus everybody everybody's in love the world belongs to me the world belongs to you?

Hey! I believe the song you are looking for is Everybody Dance by Leroy Gomez, and possibly the remix by Frankie Gada. Here is a link to it on youtube : Such a great song! Hope that helped!

What s the name of the song where the chorus goes 'work for me work for me'?

Iber crush work me

Who sings the song with the chorus lryics Everybody says she's lookin good in leather or something along those lines?

It's a song calles Strutter by KISS

Whats the rock song where the chorus goes woohoo Da Da Da woohoo?

Song 2 by Blur Song 2 by Blur

What are the different sections in a pop song?

bass, guitar, or drums alone for a couple seconds in the beginning and then verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus. That's the basic structure but a lot of songs don't follow that (example: walking contradiction by green day, amazing song, it goes verse, verse, chorus, same verse as first one, chorus chorus).

Who sings lalala song she has odd name?

go on youtube and findout

Where can I download The Rock's entrance theme song. The one used when he returned to save mick foley and fought against the french.Long intro If you smelllll lalala tongue...lalala?

The answer is Itunes the song is called if you smell.