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Most Americans never think about sovereignty

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Q: Which sentence would Alexis de tocqueville likely agree?
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With which sentence would Alexis de Tocqueville likely agree?

Most Americans never think about sovereignty

What points did James Madison and Alexis de tocqueville agree and disagree with?

Madison argued that in an extensive Republic interest groups (factions as he called them) will be so numerous and varied that no one faction or group of factions will be able to control government and impose their will on the minority.

Which preposition is used in the sentence I agree blank the proposal?

The correct preposition to use in the sentence is "with": I agree with the proposal.

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Life is hard, don't you agree?

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He agreed with You

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agree in tense. This means that all the verbs in the sentence are in the same form, either present, past, or future tense.

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By itself, it means "I agree". Within a sentence, it might also mean "you agree", "he agrees", etc., as well as "I agreed", "I will agree", "You agreed", "You will agree", etc.

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the senate has to agree on the bill before it goes on

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to make somthing agree with the law