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Q: Which season featured the Family Guy episode Stuck Together Torn Apart?
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Did the Partridge Family have a song called One Step short of our heaven that was featured in an episode where they were at an amusement park?

Yes, the song was called "Together We're Better." It is on their CD "The Partridge Family Notebook." I can't remember if the episode was at an amusement park, but I think actress Season Hubley was in it.

What songs are featured in Season 3 Episode 2 of Family Guy?

The only song that appears to be in that episode is the Barry Manilow song, Looks Like We Made It

What episode of charmed featured Melinda Clarke?

siren song, season 5, episode 4

What episode of charmed was bif naked featured?

murphy's luck, season 2, episode 16

Which episode of Family Guy features Eminem?

There isn't one. What you are thinking of were commercial promos for his (at the time) upcoming album. He was never featured in an episode.The episode that had the commercial breaks was the Season finale,"Peter's Progress"

What season is Jon and Kate Plus 8 go to Disney on?

The Gosselin family trip visit to Walt Disney World is featured in episode "Hit the Road" during Season 2 of "Jon and Kate Plus 8." It was an hour long special that might be numbered 11 or 19, depending on if it is viewed on DVD or online.

Which Simpsons season featured The shining?

That's part of the episode "Treehouse of Horror V," which was in season 6.

What is the episode in family guy where mort goldman says please dont spit in your eggs?

The episode is "Stuck Together, Torn Apart" from Season 3, episode #19

What episode of The Outer Limits featured a naked android servant?

at least season one episode 3 "Valerie 23" and season 4 episode 11 "mary 25"

What episode of SpongeBob SquarePants featured suds?

The episode title was, infact, Suds

What songs are played in family guy?

There are a lot of songs that have been featured in Family Guy, far too many to list them here. Do you have a specific season or episode?

What season is the episode of who will be the family wizard?

Season 4