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Beuna Park High School

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Q: Which school did steven redgrave attend?
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What was Steven Redgrave's mum's name?

Mrs. Redgrave.

When was Sir Steven Redgrave born?

Sir Steven Redgrave was born on March 23, 1962.

What is the birth name of Steve Redgrave?

Steve Redgrave's birth name is Steven Geoffrey Redgrave.

Has Steven Redgrave Got Any Children?

Steven redgrave had children called nallite shaphire and one called jack

Did Steven Redgrave ever row for Oxford?


How tall is steven redgrave?

6ft 3

What is steven redgrave's mum's name?


Who was Sir Steven Redgrave's mother?

His mother's name was Sheila Marion and his father was Geoffrey Edward Redgrave.

What were Steven redgrave parents called?

paul and mary

Who is Steven Redgrave's best friend?

joseph kony

What high school did Steven segal attend?

Buena Park High School

How many Olympic medals did Steven Redgrave win in at the Olympics?