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Simply To Be With You

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Q: Which pussycat album contained the song allegheny?
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What album contained the song think by aretha Franklin?

The "Aretha Now" album from 1968.

What Beatles album contained the song Sun King?

I believe it was Abbey Road.

Which album contained the song Pretty Young Thing?

Thriller 25 Deluxe Edition

When was Pussycat - Wyclef Jean song - created?

Pussycat - Wyclef Jean song - was created on 2002-11-18.

Who sang He Said She Said?

Ashley Tisdale was 22 when the recorded Headstrong and it contained the song on the album.

When was Top of the World - Pussycat Dolls song - created?

Top of the World - Pussycat Dolls song - was created on 2009-02-03.

HOW MUCH IS the pussycat dolls worth?

The PCD's are worth million's as there record sales are blowing. there top of the charts. New song Bottle Pop. of the Doll Domination album

What is the name of the album by the Bangles which contains the song Eternal Flame?

The name of the album by the Bangles which contains the song Eternal Flame is called Everything. It also contained other hits like, "In your room", "Be with you" and "set you free".

Which album contained the Radiohead song Paranoid Android?

"Paranoid Android" is a song by Radiohead, it was featured on their 1997 album "OK Computer". The single got to number 3 in the UK charts and was written by Thom Yorke.

Which album of White Snake contained the song Gambler?

White Snake is a hair metal band from the United Kingdom. "Gambler" was on their sixth album, "Slide It in". The track was placed first on the UK album, and fifth on the US album.

What song did Lady Gaga write for the pussycat dolls?

She wrote 'Elavator' for PCD which is track 12 on the 'doll domination' album, and she also wrote 'don't cha' and 'when i grow up'. She also wrote 'quicksand', 'blur' and 'rock me in' for Britney spears

What is the Pussycat doll's newest song?

There newest song is called When I Grow Up