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The climax in Rebecca is when Maxim de Winter reveals to the narrator that he. in fact, had killed Rebecca by shooting her.

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Q: Which plot is the climax in rebecca?
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What is the turing point in a plot?

The turning point in a plot is the climax.

What comes first a plot or climax?

Plot comes first

Which is part of a traditional plot?


Is plot and climax similar?

No. The plot is the events that happen in a story. The setting is where those events take place. The plot can effect the setting and the setting can effect the plot. They are separate, but important elements of story.

For which part of the plot is the reader waiting?

the climax

What is the climax of the plot?

The climax is the turning point of the story where the conflict reaches its peak and the characters face their most intense moment of tension and action. It is typically the most dramatic or pivotal moment in the plot that leads to the resolution of the conflict.

Which part of a plot usually contains the most tensions?

The climax of a plot typically contains the most tension. It is the pivotal moment where the conflict reaches its peak, often leading to a resolution or climax of the story.

Which part of plot is the longest?

rising action.

What stage of plot comes directly after climax?

The stage that comes after the climax is the falling action. In this stage, the story begins to wind down as the conflicts are being resolved and loose ends are tied up. It leads to the resolution, where the story's final outcome is revealed.

A series of events in a novel?

No. In thirteen novels. -Chorka Wolffe

What part of the plot structure is represented by the highest point on the plot diagram?

The highest point on a plot diagram represents the climax of the story. This is the moment of greatest tension and conflict, where the outcome of the main character's struggle becomes clear.

Which step in the five step plot structure diagram follows the climax?

The Rising Action follows the climax.