Which of these types of people shows good judgment?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A judicious one

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Q: Which of these types of people shows good judgment?
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What did the pharaoh hold in his hand?

The ankh: it shows that he has good judgment since the ankh was the symbol of Osiris who was the judge of the dead the believed the crook: it shows that he cares for his people and will treat them nicely The whip: it shows that even though he cares much for his people if someone does something wrong the person will still be punished by the pharaoh.

Why do people drink drive?

Because they don't use good judgment.

Who is a winner in the judgment day?

the people who do good stuff in this world will be the winners.

What is a good sentence for judgment?

my friend has given me a good judgment.

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Psych and The Glades are both really good shows. They are detective shows with very funny and attractive people.

What is an abstract noun for stupidity?

The noun 'stupidity' is an abstract noun; a word for behavior that shows a lack of good sense or judgment; a word for a concept.

Why is it good to give?

it shows graditude to other people u gave it to

State points aganst the rise in suicide in the pacific?

its lack of good judgment and people own internel conficts and

Wit judgment courage and resolution not unconditionally good because?

Wit, judgment, courage, and resolution are not unconditionally good because…

Why do people have tattoos on one arm only?

so it shows and looks good

What is a leader with good judgment?


What is a agreed judgment in child support?

A good answer can be found in Wikipedia under Stipulated judgment.