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Discordent- batholiths (massive) and dikes (tabular) concordent- Sills (tabular) and lacoliths

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Q: Which of the following are a pluton?
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What is French for Pluto?

The French word for "Pluto" is "Pluton".

Where does the name Pluton come from?

Pluton word comes from a latin word ''pluto''

Is a pluton?

A pluton is a large body of igneous rock which has formed underground as rising magma has cooled.

When was French minelaying cruiser Pluton created?

French minelaying cruiser Pluton was created on 1932-01-25.

What is the French word for Pluto?


What is a pluton composed of granite?


What is the largest common pluton?


What is the solidfied form of a magma body?

A pluton.

The solidified form by magma body is what?

A pluton

Solidified form a magma body?


Is ayers rock a pluton?

Yes, Ayers Rock (Uluru) is not a pluton. It is a large sandstone rock formation in central Australia. Plutons are igneous intrusive rock formations that form underground from magma.

A que distancia se encuentra pluton de la tierra?

como se calcula la distancia desde la tierra asta pluton