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Each level of classification uses certain characteristics of organisms that are similar to group them...for example, humans and cats are both in the Kindom Animalia (because they are animals). Similar organisms belong in the same groups, and each group is more specific than the last. For example, if two organisms are in the same Family, but different genuses, then they will be less similar than two organisms in the same genus.

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the most related two are auctually domain and kingdom although domain is the newest order of classification relativly speaking

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Q: Which of the 8 levels of classification are most related to each other?
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The seven levels of classification in the current system are kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. Organisms are grouped based on shared characteristics and evolutionary relationships at each level.

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Species. Explanation : Let us consider the next level of classification which is Genus. Genus is a group of closely related species. So, there are more number of organisms here as there are more than one specie. The next level is Family which is a group of closely related genera (Plural of genus). Now, here, there many genera which in turn contains many species. The levels of classification are such that each level contains more number of organisms than the previous level. So, it is called a Hierarchy of classification.

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What is biological classification of organisms based on?

Biological classification of organisms is based on their similarities and differences in characteristics such as genetic makeup, anatomy, and behavior. Organisms are grouped into different categories, such as kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species, based on these characteristics. The goal of classification is to organize and understand the diversity of life on Earth.