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Rebbie Jackson is the only one who is still a witness.

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Q: Which of Michael Jackson's sister are Jehovah witness?
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Who is a Jehovah's Witness among Jacksons?

The mother, and I believe the oldest sister Reebie.

Who is jannett Jackson'?

Michael jacksons sister

Who is Rebbi Jackson?

michael`s oldest sisterRebbie is Michael Jacksons oldest sister "Maureen."

Rebbie Jackson Browne-One of Jehovah's Witnesses?

You mean Michael Jacksons sister? Yes, she is the only one that is still fully in the faith. The others were raised JW's but never baptised

Is serana and her sister Jehovah witness?

No, they only associate with the religion they are not official members.

Who awarded Albert Einstein the Nobel Prize?

Micheal jacksons sister Micheal jacksons sister Micheal jacksons sister Micheal jacksons sister Micheal jacksons sister Micheal jacksons sister Micheal jacksons sister Micheal jacksons sister Micheal jacksons sister Micheal jacksons sister Micheal jacksons sister

Who is Michael Jacksons half sister?

Her name is Joh'Vonnie Jackson. Michael has a younger half sister Joh'Vonnie who is Joe Jackson's daughter with Cheryl Terrell.

Is Kathy Ringhiser still a Jehovah's Witness?

At one time she was a very active witness of Jehovah God. Whether she is still an active member in good standing . . . I do not know. However, it is well known that her husband Joseph IS NOT and NEVER WAS one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and at this point, none of their children are members either.

Is Talyor Swift a Jehovah's witness?

No, Taylor Swift is not a Jehovah's witness. For proof, check the lyrics of her songs. Most of them have to do with dating and relationships and such. Jehovah's witnesses believe that courtship is between two morally upright brother and sister so that they can get married. So. theres your proof.

Is one of the sisters of Sister Sledge a Jehovah's Witness?

The group? Maybe. there is no evidence to support this. Facts are lacking. Not many Jehovah's Witnesses become famous singers though.

Did a Jehovah's Witness do the private memorial for the Jackson family?

No. Micheal Jackson was no longer on of Jehovah's Witnesses.i dont think so. Very doubtful as MJ wasn't a baptised JW, and he wasn't active in the faith.No, private funeral services were no doubt held for Michael Jackson because his family and friends wanted an ceremony that was not public.Jehovah's Witnesses themselves would not have performed a memorial service for Mr Jackson, firstly because Jehovah's Witness funeral services are only held for members of the Jehovah's Witnesse religion and Michael Jackson was not one of Jehovah's Witnesses.Also Jehovah's Witnesses do not count unbabtised associates as Witnesses; Michael Jackson was never officially one of Jehovah's Witnesses.There are currenly only two members of the Jackson family (his mother Katherine and his sister Rebbie) that are actually Jehovah's Witnesses and they would be fully aware of the above two facts.

Who is Janet Jackson to Michael Jackson?

His youngest sister, also his closest sibling.