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Well there are many great singers with inasine wocal rage, ill name you 10 of them that i think they have widest vocal rage:

1.Miljenko Matijevic from band steelheart

2.Freddie Mercury

3.Jan Thore Gresftad from bands saint deamon and highland glory

3.Matt Shadow from Avenged Sevenfold

4.Philip Anselmo from Pantera had insane vocal rage

5.Michael Kiske from Helloween

6.Tose Proeski macedonian singer could sing everything, from metallica , Opera songs, folk songs,....

and still there are many singers that we don't know about but in my opinion Miljenko has the widest vocal range of all time.

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Q: Which male singer had widest vocal range?
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Who is the top male opera singer?

Top? - where? in what? vocal range? Question to broad.

Vocal production used by a male singer to extend his range upwards?

pitch shift

What is a very low singer called?

it's either a tenor or bass - they're both low thoughSecond answerThe lowest male voice is the bass. Baritone is the middle range and tenor is the highest.

What is the vocal range of ogie alcasid?

BASS: Lowest Male Voice

Does an Adams size affect the range of a singing voice?

An adams apple will show the sign of puberty, potentially deepening a male's voice. That alone affects the range but the size does not matter. A male may talk with a deep voice and start singing deep with the changes of puberty, but as a male, like any other singer, the range is affected through the vocal chords. The vocal chords stretch. Think of them as a rubber band, it starts out with strong restriction, but as you continue to stretch it it has little resistance. Vocal chords are the same way. To shortly answer, no the adams apple's size should not affect the range of a voice entirely because it can be changed through years of singing and continuously widening that range.

Is baritone a male singing voice?

Yes there are two main voice types for men, tenor and baritone. A Baritone has alower vocal range while a tenor has a higher vocal range.

My lowest note is B2 and my highest G5 what is my voice type and do I have a good vocal range?

A male tenor voice typically starts from B2. And B2:G5 is an awesome vocal range.

What method is used by a male singer to extend vocal cords upwards?

The answer is Falsetto but their testicles are removed so they do not produce much testosterone and will keep their higher vocal ranges.

Who has the highest vocal range for a man?

mike matijevic from steelheart has been said to have the highest male vocal range, spanning close to 7 octaves. steelheart is a late 80's early 90's hair band, who unfortunately was talent that faded due to early grunge rise. steelheart recorded and released 3 albums, 1 in which was only released in canada. matijevic also sang the vocals for movie star mark walhberg in the hit movie 'Rockstar", and played a cameo appearance in the movie as well. 1 of steelheart's best and widely known songs is ''i'll never let you go'', debuting in 1994.

Deep voice with a bar in it?

The word you're looking for might be "baritone", though the "deep voice" part makes me a little uncertain; the baritone vocal range is typically not much, if any, below the average male vocal range.

What in music terms does falsetto mean?

falsetto : a form of vocal production used by male singers to extend their range upwards beyond its natural compass by limiting the vibration of the vocal cords.

Is tenor a antonym?

Unless you are comparing a tenor to a bass, no. A tenor is the second highest male vocal range; the highest is countertenor.