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Q: Which is the final city in the video lady by Modjo?
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When did Modjo release their song Lady?

Modjo is a French alternative music band. Their song "Lady" was released in the year 2000. The song was on their self entitled album, "Modjo". This is the only album they have released.

Who is the actress in the Lady video by modjo?

This is the little bio of a google search that throws up Amelia Danger on myspace:"starred in the video "Lady" for the band Modjofor MTV Europe"so im assuming this is her!

What is the Dance music video two guys and one girl in a car?

Queens of the Stoned Age - Go With the Flow

Who is the dark haired boy in modjo lady video?

Patrice Bilodeau is one of them. Canadian and hockey player.

What is the Dance music video two guys and one girl in a car not lady by modjo?

It could be Tim Berg - Seek Bromance. 2 guys and a girl go to Las Vegas in a car.

There was a music video where two boys and a girl travel with a car in the summer they pull up in a motel take shower together and then run away without paying the room?

The music video you're looking for is "Lady" by "Modjo". Gorgeous girl, isn't it? Matthias, Berlin (Germany)

What video software does community channel use its the lady on YouTube?

final cut pro

Who are the actors in the song lady hear me tonight by Modjo?

Have not tracked down the males yet but 99% sure female is "Amelia Danger" on facebook since it says this on the bio when you do a google search:"starred in the video "Lady" for the band Modjofor MTV Europe"

Who was the lady in tyga's im gone video?

Who was the leading lady in tygas im gone video

Who is the lady in video with Freddie Jackson You Are My Lady?

The lady in the "You Are My Lady" video is Maria McDonald.

Who is the pregnant lady in D'Angelo video lady?

She is Joi Gilliam

Were Lady Gaga and Beyonce in a video together?

Yes. The video is for Beyonce's song "Video Phone." They also collaborated on Lady Gaga's song "Telephone."