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Shigure, Kankuro and chiyo because all of them use random chakra and don't use ninjutsu, taijutsu, bloodline and genjutsu.

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Q: Which is the best team in naruto-arena with shigure?
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Good Naruto arena teams with haku?

haku tenten and shikamruisnt this team good?haku tenten and shikamru is a good team... but the BEST are haku and tayuya or besides tayuya pick shigure (shigure hard to unlock) and tayuya (part of the sound ninja 4) is easy to unlock. i got a 10+ streak when tayuya. shigure is better.

What is a good team with kiba in naruto arena?


What kinda cheats are four narutoarena?

there is none

How do you unlock lady Chiyo in narutoarena?

win 50 battles with a sand ninja on ur team u can have like 3 or 2 sand ninja on ur team to, to boost time.

What is a perfect team on Naruto-arena?

I think the best team on Naruto-arena is: Sakura, Kankuro and Shigure. (First, use Poison Bomb then use Sprinkling Needles of Shgure. Oboro, Jiraya and Naruto.

What is the best team to unlock sakon in Naruto arena?

try tayuya(if unlocked. if not try ino), temari and kiba.

When was Japanese destroyer Shigure created?

Japanese destroyer Shigure was created on 1936-09-07.

What is shigure's age?


What actors and actresses appeared in Danshichi shigure - 1933?

The cast of Danshichi shigure - 1933 includes: Shizue Yamagishi

How old is Shigure from Fruits Basket?

Shigure Sohma from Fruits Basket is a character in his late 20s.

In Fruits Basket is the character Shigure gay?

No, but a lot of the characters do act like it don't they. Yuki, Shigure, or Ayame are NOT gay.

Why does shigure sleep with Aikto in Fruits Basket?

Shigure and Akito love each other; they have loved each other since they were children.