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Well, me and two of my best friends have Nokia... We really don't like it. Nokia is cheap. So, since they both suck... get whichever you want. But personally, I like the 5610 xpress.

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Q: Which is better nokia n73 music edition or 5610 x-press music?
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How do you formate nokia 5610 xpress music?

How do you formate nokia5610 xpress music

Which is better nokia 5800 xpress music or LG GT505?

below is complete compare between 5800 Xpress music and LG GT505 I vote for 5800 xpress music. Good Luck!

How can you download music to your nokia xpress music 5310 phones?

Go to Nokia Music Store.

What is the price of Nokia 5330 Xpress Music?

About 10000

How do you format nokia 5300 xpress music?


Does the nokia xpress music 5800 have WLAN?


What music videos were in nokia 5310 xpress music?

looking for an answer too :(

Is Nokia 5130 xpress music support mp4?

yes nokia 5130support mp4

Price of 5610 nokia xpress music?

its nearly 11500Rs,,,,,

What is the security keyguard of nokia 5130 xpress music?

nokia 5130c -2 security keyguard

Cara install ulang nokia 5130 express music?

cara menginstal phone xpress music.

Where can you get free music videos for a nokia 5610 xpress phone?

You Can Get Them In Jumpiter