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Around 90% of people worldwide are right handed. That means out of every 100 people, 90 people are right handed

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Q: Which hand do most people write with?
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Which hand do most people write with there left hand or there right hand?

Most people write with there right hand.

Why do most of the people write with right hand?

because that is maybe how they where born

Why do people get dyslexia?

I read that you can get it from a parent that had it or most people that write with there left hand, s more of a change there child will have dyslexia.

How do you determine if someone is right or left handed without asking them?

For most people, the hand they write with is the hand that they use the most. So, if someone is left-handed, they probably write using their left hand. Similarly, they'd use their right hand to write if they are right-handed. The only real exceptions to this are people who are 'ambidextrous. These people can use either their left or their right hands and do not necessarily have a preference. But that's quite rare, to be honest.

Do you have to write with both hands to be ambidextrous?

Most ambidextrous people can write with either hand, though it's not totally necessary. If you can do many things equally well with either hand, you might be ambidextrous.

What is dextrous hand?

Usually, one can only write with either the Left or Right hand. People with dexterous hand can write with the same accuracy with both hands.

Do more people writ with there left hand or there right hand?

More people write with there right than they do with there left.

What hand did Roald Dahl write with?

Most likely it was his left.

Can People Write With Their Right And Left Hand?

Most people can only write with one hand. Those who are right-handed write with their right hand, and those who are left-handed write with their left hand. Those who can write just as well with one hand as the other are called ambidextrous, but this is not that common. It is most common in older people who went to school in the good old days of the cane. Back then if someone was lefthanded they were often forced to perform all their work righthandedly and with their natural lefthandedness became ambidextrous. Since the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, left-handed people have right side brain dominance, and right-handed people have left side brain dominance. Many left handed people perform other tasks right handed (kicking a ball or using scissors) so there is often no dominance. It does take a little practice but you can teach yourself to write with either hand.

How come you write with your right hand?

some people dont

How many people in the world write with their left hand?

there are 20000

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