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Q: Which film was the first to have its dialog in Latin?
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What is dialog in a film?

In a film, dialog is the collection of spoken words that the actors say to each other.

Who writes the dialog in a film?

A screenwriter writes the dialog in a film. There are scenes when a director and actor make improvised or impromptu changes to written dialog, meaning in that case, what you hear on film is not what is written on the page.

WHAT WAS First film without dialog?

the first soundless film was created in 1888 by louie le prince. it was a two second film of two persons walking oakwodd Grange garden

WHAT WAS First film with dialog?

The Jazz Singer, but note it wasn't the first to use dialogue throughout the entire movie (most of it was silent).

Who wrote the dialog for Amelie?

The film was written by Guillaume Laurant .

Where did the root word from dialog come from?

It comes from Greece, Greek. Not Latin.

When was the first talkie released?

"The Jazz Singer", released in 1927, was the first feature-length movie to present audible dialog to audiences. It used a disk recording that was (more or less) synchronized with the film, but was not actually recorded on the film. The Jazz Singer was a transitional effort to provide pre-recorded sound with a movie. Dialog was still shown on title cards, but Jolson's musical numbers were presented in sound. The first movie to have a complete dialog sound track was "Lights of New York", released in 1928.

Can there be a script without dialog?

Absolutely a script can contain no dialog. Film is a visual medium, after all, and a viewer must be able to follow the story without any words. The 2011 film, The Artist, is a great example of a film without any -- or much -- dialog. Silent movies produced pre-late-1920s are also good examples of stories without dialog. They contain dialog, which is presented as text during the scene, but often the text is unnecessary because so much of the story can be understood visually. Plus, the 2015 movie, Minions, is another example of 'no dialog' because the characters' dialog is essentially gibberish.

What was the first feature length motion picture with spoken dialogue and sound?

The first feature-length film to include synchronized dialog and sound was The Jazz Singer (1927). However, there was very little actual dialog in the movie (only about 2 minutes).The first feature-length film with synchronized sound throughout was Lights of New York (1928).Both of these used the "Vitaphone" system, which meant that there was a separate record that was played along with the film; this was a a cumbersome method and was later replaced by the "sound on film" method where the sound track was actually recorded on the film itself and did not need to be manually synchronized.

Who pioneered the use of improvised dialog and won an Oscar for a film in which it was used?

John Hubley

What was the first movie to use sound dialog?

The first movie to use sound dialog is The Jazz Singer (original version from 1927).

When was Lleida Latin-American Film Festival created?

Lleida Latin-American Film Festival was created in 1995.

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