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There are a number of celebrities who are known to have or have had orange hair. Lucille Ball, Carrot Top, and Katy Perry, for example, have each sported orange hair.

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Rachel Ray like orange

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Q: Which famous people have orange hair?
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Why do people have orange hair?

They are born with it.

Are there famous people in west orange?


Why are people born with orange hair?

Their genetics.

Is everyones hair brown when they are born?

no, not everyone has brown hair when they are born, some people have blonde hair, some people have black hair and some people have orange hair when they are born.

Why is orange hair called red hair?

because the term "orange head," is not as catchy as "red head." A lot of terms today are attributed to how catchy they are. Ex. Ronald McDonald OR because there is a difference between "Orange" and "red". There are some people who have auburn hair that looks brownish, and there are some people who have coppery colored hair. And there are some who's hair looks straight up orange. I have red hair, and I hated it when people said my hair was "orange" - especially since mine was dark red. I found it rude. If people want to be that way, then I can just start calling all the blonds Yellow-heads.

Are there people with naturally red hair?

Yes ther are people with red hair. The color of the hair is called red but it is actually more of an orange color.

What color hair do most french people have?

French people in the west and east have brown hair. French people in the south and north have dirty blonde hair, orange hair, or something like that.

Why are people with orange hair considered a redhead?

People with orange hair are often concidered a redhead because the color orange is the closest natural color one gets to red. This only occur naturally in a couple percent of the human population.

Is there really a such thing as orange hair?

Yes many are considered red heads but that is wrong, they are "carrot tops." it's not often that many people are born with red hair. Many have orange hair.

What color is heath slater's hair?

People would say ''redhead'' but technically his hair is orange not red....

Why do people say you have red hair when your hair is orange?

They say that, because red and orange kind of look alike. Sometimes it might be red orange. The only way to make it that real color is to dye it darker

Can Cubans have orange hair?

Yes some Cubans have orange hair