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Arnold Schwarznegger, Hitler, Napoleon and Lance Armstrong.

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Q: Which famous people had one testicle?
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I'm 14 and only have one testicle What should I do?

There are a lot of males who live a perfectly normal life with one testicle. They grow up, get married, and have children just like most other men. When you think about it, there are people living with one lung, one kidney, and/or one ovary. Some famous people with just one testicle are/were Lance Armstrong, Tupac Shakur, MLB players John Kruk and Mike Lowell, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Can you have a baby with one broken testicle and one fine testicle?

yes you can (I did)

Can you eat a testicle?

Some people think a sheeps testicle is a delicasy and enjoy eating these parts along with the eye balls also so yes you can eat a testicle but not a human one. you would be a cannibal if you did.

Can a stallion with one testicle breed?

Can a man with one testicle breed? The answer is YES

If you have one undescended testicle which of your two testes is more likely to develop cancer?

For people with one undescended testicle who develop cancer, the undescended testicle is the one that has the cancer 80% of the time. Since the descended testicle can develop cancer 20% of the time, removal of the undescended testicle is rarely performed anymore as it used to be. Careful examination of the testicles is important, especially in someone who has history of an undescended one. Hope this helps! Dr. B.

Does having one testicle change your voice?

A guy with one testicle will have the same change in his voice that he would have if he had two.

Can someone who has lost one testicle be a father?

Depends on which he in the northern or southern hemisphere?

Which testicle gets you pregnant?

Either testicle is capable of getting a female pregnant. Even a male with only one testicle can get a female pregnant.

Is one Testicle for a boy and one testicle for a girl?

No, both testicles do the same job, they aren't differentiated in any way.

My boyfriend only has one testicle does this mean we can't have kids?

As long as he has one fully functioning testicle, yes, you can have kids. Take Lance Armstrong for example. He has several kids and he lost one testicle to testicualr cancer.

What if your one testicle is normal and another is small?

Okay, alot of people have uneven testiest it isn't anything to worry about, no one is perfect >.>

Is it normal to have one testicle at ten?