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pedigree chumm

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Q: Which dog food was advertised using It's all meat - a real treat?
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Name of food ends with t?

Meat, carrot, sweet, treat, wheat, hotpot, nut.

What do axalotals eat?

earthworms...occasionally raw meat as a treat

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a water turtle will eat worms, raw meat, and sometimes a banana for a treat.

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Surf to Taco Bell is using non-food in their meat. I wonder what that is. Cat food? Dog food? Does anyone know?

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Is it bad when a kittens first solid food is meat?

As long as it is not a processed meat, such as hot dogs, bologna, etc.ADD:To expand: No, its not bad at all if a kitten's first solid bit of food is meat! In fact, this is probably the best start the kitten can get! Provided it was unprocessed meat, it should be just fine. Cats are carnivores and are designed to eat meat and get all their nutrients from it.It will not harm the kitten at all if you give it bits of plain chicken or other poultry meat as a treat from its usual food.

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