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Prince Henry represented the country of Portugal. He deemed the name Navigator of Portugal because he sent sailing expeditions to Africa, Madeira Islands and other lands.

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Q: Which country did Prince Henry represent?
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What country did Prince Henry the navigator represent?

Prince Henry the Navigator was Portuguese.

What country was Prince Henry from?


What country did Prince Henry live in?

Prince Henry Lived in Portugal.

What country did Prince Henry search?


In what country is Prince Henry the Navigator?

In Portugal

What country was Henry the navigator a prince of?


What country did Henry the navigator represent?


What is prince Henry's the navigator country of origin?


Prince Henry the navigator sponsor country?

Portugal the country and his father expessaly

What country supported Prince Henry the navigator?

He was a Prince of Portugal so he was supported by his own state.

Discuss two of prince Henry the navigator main achievement?

Because of prince Henry the navigator,Portugal became the first country to explore.

Of which country was Henry the navigator a prince?

Henry the Navigator was the pince of Portugal.So therefor he sailed for Portugal.