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That is simple, old bean. Allow me to show you. Gwen and Jen Masterson: There voices! Jude Lizowski and Chris MacLean: There attitudes and they say Dude alot. Kai and Duncan: Voices. Tricia, Melinda Wilson and Heather: Tricia and Heather are evil. They all have the same voices. Darth and Elmo367 (US Intern): There lisp. Darth wears a retainer and so does Elmo. Stone and Trent Smith: There voices. Kirsten, Katie and Lindsay: There catchphrases: "Eeeeee!". Wayne and Justin: There voices. Wyatt Williams and Brady (Beth's boyfriend): There voices and they plays guitar. Chrissy and Courtney: There voices. Dustin, Dougray and Geoff: There voices. Kristin and Sadie: There catchphrases: "Eeeeee!". Julie and Eva: Same voice actors. Talon, Tyler, Cody and Ezekiel: There voices. Joanie and Bridgette: Same voices.

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Gwen and Jen have the same voices. I'm not sure, but I THINK that the Clones and Katie & Sadie have the same voices. Chris and Jude have the same voices. That's it. Carla520

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Q: Which characters from TDI has the same voice as characters from sixteen?
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