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Adam Sandler :-)

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Adam Sandler

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Q: Which celebrity started Happy Madison Productions?
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Does Adam Sandler own his own production company?

Yes. Adam Sandler owns his very own production company, Happy Madison, also recognized as Happy Madison Productions. Adam Sandler also produces many of his own films.

Does Adam Sandler own any businesses?

Yes, he owns the Happy Madison Productions.

Who says terrific in happy Madison productions trailer?

Adam sandlers father who passed away in 2011

Which actor started the happy Madison film production company?

Adam slandler ok

When was Happy Madison created?

Happy Madison was created in 1999.

Adam Sandlers production company is called?

Adam Sandler's production company is called "Happy Madison." Happy for the movie he starred in intittled "Happy Gilmore." And, madison for the other movie he starred in called, "Billy Madison."

Which movie came first Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison?

happy Gilmore

Which comic actor co-produced The Benchwarmers?

Adam Sandlers Happy Maddison productions.

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