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I've been searching for the past hour but i can't find anything

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Its elliot kid

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Q: Which cartoon had a dog named salami?
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Which cartoon dog has been named after a planet?


What cartoon has a dog named nopey?

Nopey the dog is from the Gumby claymation cartoons .

Is salami okay to give your dog when its constipated?

yes Salami is OK to give to your dog

What is the element that was named after a cartoon dog?

Krypton or Kr (Superman's dog is named Krypto.) .

Is Pluto named after a famous dog?

Actually Walt Disney created a cartoon dog character named Pluto to the Mickey Mouse cartoon series in the former planet's honor after the planet was discovered.The name Pluto was proposed by a 11 year old little girl named Vernetia Burney from Oxford, England. The name was derived from "Pluto" the god of the underworld in classic mythology.

What salami was named after a north Italian city?


What is the name of Maxine's dog in the cartoon?

A check with Hallmark indicates that Maxine's pooch is named Floyd.

What cartoon character always said mush Mellimont?

I believe the cartoon was Klondike Kat. "Savoir Fare is everywhere" was another quote from this cartoon. I think Savoir Fare's dog that pulled his sled was named Mellimont.

What is the pennies dogs name in the cartoon inspector gadget?

Penny's dog was named Brain.

What cartoon features a restaurant named the Krusty Krab?

The cartoon that features a restaurant named the Krusty Krab is the cartoon Spongebob. The restaurant is named after the character Mr. Krab from the cartoon.

What is the name of the cartoon dog in Disneyland?

Walt Disney had a dog named Lady who was a poodle, but in his biography "Walt Disney a Biography" he said he adopted a dog named Ginger in France who soon after died in America.

What does a dog do with a cartoon bone?

Usually in cartoons, a dog would bury their cartoon bone. An example of this would be Dino in the cartoon The Flintstones. Also, a dog may eat their bone in a cartoon.