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Eleanor Rigby, Good Night, All You Need Is Love, She's Leaving Home, A Day In The Life, Pepperland, Sea of Time, Sea of Holes, Sea of Monsters, March of the Meanies, Pepperland Laid Waste, Yellow Submarine in Pepperland. Are all songs by The Beatles that have violins in them.

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Q: Which beatles songs have a violin in it?
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How many songs were wrote for the violin?

There are thousands of songs that were written specifically for the violin.

What were The Beatles songs about?

The Beatles' songs were about peace and love and walruses hahah!

What Beatles songs are not about drugs?

The Yellow Submarine is one of the Beatles songs that is not about the drugs.

What songs will be on rock band the beatles?

every single one of the beatles songs are on it

When was Songs of The Beatles created?

Songs of The Beatles was created on 1973-09-24.

Which two beatles wrote the most of the love songs?

John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote most of the Beatles' songs and, as Paul pointed out, most of the Beatles' songs were love songs.

What is a song with guitar violin and trumpet in?

All You Need Is Love - The Beatles A Day in the Life - The Beatles

What songs are made for the violin?

Why is a music-realated doing in the Relationships' section? Do you mean LOVE songs for the violin???

How many songs did The Beatles?

They had 225 songs.

Who rote the beatles songs?

Most of the Beatles' songs were written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

When was Love Songs - The Beatles album - created?

Love Songs - The Beatles album - was created in 1962.

Why were the beatles songs about love?

MANY of The Beatles' songs were not about love. The songs that were about love were most likely written because the writer was in love...