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None them

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Q: Which band member of the aventura band in jail?
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Did Aventura go to jail?

Did aventura go to jail?

Who is the oldest from aventura?

i don't know who is older in the band Aventura

Who is the family member on the band to romeo from aventura?

Lenny and Max are brothers, Anthony and Henry are cousins but aren't related to the other two.

How many records did aventura sell in 2002?

* Aventura is a Dominican band. * Romeo is from the Dominican Rebublica

Does Romeo from aventura have brothers and sisters?

he for sure had brothers- members in his band. sisters - im unsure.

When did the band Aventura release the song Obsesion?

The band Aventura released the song ObsessiÌ_n in 2002. The song was included on Aventura's 2002 album "We broke the rules". The song was extremely successful in many countries all over the world.

Which Bachata band is better Aventura or Xtreme?


Who is Henry Santos from the band Aventura?

singer, composer, backing vocals

In 1974 where did singing cowboy Tex Ritter die of a heart attack while assisting a band member?


Who are the members of the band Vena?

Members of the band Vena include Lenny Santos and Max Agente (who were in the band Aventura), and Steve Styles, who was in the band Xtreme (not to be confused with the band Extreme).

Is aventura cosins?

lead singer of the group aventura Romeo Santos and group member Henry Santos jeter are cousins...And mikey Santos and Lenny Santos of the group are brothers!.....

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