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Of course, Depeche Mode.

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2008-07-21 10:11:52
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Q: Which band is better Depeche Mode or New Order?
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What year was the band Depeche Mode popular?

The band Depeche Mode started in the 1980s but it was first in 1990 when the album Violater was released. It was this album that brought the band into mainstream.

Who was in the group Depeche Mode?

Depeche Mode is an English band that began in 1980. The original people who were in the group Depeche Mode were Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher and Vince Clarke.

What genre of music does the band Depeche Mode sing?

The genre of music the band Depeche Mode sings is rock/alternative. They have their own unique style of music that fit perfectly in with the 80s genre.

Which band sang new life?

Depeche Mode back in 1981.

Who inspired Depeche Mode?

The Croatiuan (than Yugoslav ) band BOA

Who sang just can't get enough?

The Depeche Mode band

Where can one find more information about the song Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode?

Information on Depeche Mode and their work to include the song Enjoy the Silence can be found in a variety of websites on the internet. The official Depeche Mode band site has a complete archive of their body of work, Discogs also carries Discographies for the band.

What does depeche mode mean in German?

According to Martin Gore, guitarrist with the band Depeche Mode, the name of the band was taken from a French fashion magazine called Dépêche mode, explaining that "It means hurried fashion or fashion dispatch"The German translation would beModedepescheModeberichtorhastige Modeübereilte Mode

What was the inspiration for 'Personal Jesus' by Depeche Mode?

According to singer Martin Gore, the inspiration behind the song 'Personal Jesus' by the band Depeche Mode comes from the Priscilla Presley book 'Elvis and Me'.

In what year was the song 'Precious' by Depeche Mode recorded?

The song 'Precious' by Depeche Mode was recorded in 2005. It was the band's first recording in 3 years. It hit the top of the single charts for five weeks.

Who sang you just cant get enough in the 1980s?

The New Wave band Depeche Mode sang that song!

Who is Martin l gore?

Martin Lee Gore is famous singer and songwriter of band Depeche Mode

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