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Caravaggio - Apex

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That's incorrect. It's Caravaggio

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Q: Which artist is credited with inventing the teneborso technique?
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Which artist is credited with inventing the tenebroso technique?

Caravaggio .

What artist painted with oil in extraordinary detail was credited with inventing oil paints as they know it today?

Jan van Eyck, Flemish painter, used to be credited for inventing oil painting.

What artist used the painting technique called sfumato with particular success?

Leonardo da Vinci is credited with being the first to use sfumato.

Who is Jonathan Hargreaves?

His name is James Hargreaves! To help out.... James Hargreavse was credited with inventing the "Spinning Jennifer" (spinning jenny) A device for spinning cotton. Jonathan Hargreaves is a cartoon artist. (not scrips, just characterizations)

What was the name of the artist that introduced collage as a technique in fine art?

Many would say Pablo Picasso but Georges Braque is also credited, both in the early part of the 20th century.

Which artist is credited in creating Suprematism?

Kasimir Malevich, Russian artist/1915.

Which artist invented the tenebroso technique?


What technique do artist do to create rhythm?


What famous artist have used the grid technique?

Chuck Close.

What was the first name of the French artist Monet?

Claude Monet is famous for inventing Impressionism.

Which renaissance artist is credited with sculpting a marble statue of the virgin Mary?


What technique do artist use to create rhythm?

the answer is Repetition