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I know that Nick's favorite movie is Finding Neverland

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Q: Which are the favorite movies of the Jonas Brothers?
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What are the Jonas brothers favorite movies?

Kevin's favorite movie - About a BoyJoe's favorite movie - Dumb and DumberNick's favorite movie - Finding Neverland

What is Joe Jonas's favorite song wriiten by the Jonas Brothers?

According to Jonas Brothers live chat Joe Jonas's favorite song written by Jonas Brothers is Much Better.

Where the Jonas Brothers in the Oscars?

Oscars is gor movies and they werent in any movies ( Camp rock and Jonas brothers 3-d are not movies)

Jonas Brothers favorite movie?

Kevin's favorite movie is "About A Boy". Joe's favorite movie is "School for Scoundrels". Nick's favorite movies are "Finding Neverland" and "Better Off Dead". == ==

What is Nick Jonas favorite song from the Jonas brothers?

== ==

Does nick Jonas' favorite song by the Jonas brothers?


Who is the Jonas brothers favorite person?

nick Jonas is my fiv

What is Kevin Jonas' favorite song by the Jonas Brothers?

can't have you

In what popular song from 2008 does the singer call someone a tool?

The Jonas Brothers - "My Favorite Boy" The Jonas Brothers - "My Favorite Boy"

What is Selena Gomez's favorite Jonas Brothers song?

Her favorite Jonas Brothers song is Tonight from the A Little Bit Longer album ;) ____________________________________________________________________

Why is Joe Jonas is famous?

joe Jonas is famous because he is a singer in the "JONAS BROTHERS"

What is Nick Jonas' favorite song by the Jonas Brothers?