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  • Rudy Youngblood - Jaguar Paw
  • Dalia Hernández - Seven
  • Jonathan Brewer - Blunted
  • Morris Birdyellowhead - Flint Sky
  • Carlos Emilio Báez - Turtles Run
  • Amílcar Ramírez - Curl Nose
  • Israel Contreras - Smoke Frog
  • Israel Ríos - Cocoa Leaf
  • María Isabel Díaz - Mother-in-Law
  • Iazúa Laríos - Sky Flower
  • Raoul Trujillo - Zero Wolf
  • Gerardo Taracena - Middle Eye
  • Rodolfo Palacios - Snake Ink
  • Ariel Galván - Hanging Moss
  • Bernardo Ruiz - Drunkards Four
  • Ricardo Díaz Mendoza - Cut Rock
  • Richard Can - Ten Peccary
  • Carlos Ramos - Monkey Jaw
  • Ammel Rodrigo Mendoza - Buzzard Hook
  • Marco Antonio Argueta - Speaking Wind
  • Aquetzali García - Oracle Girl
  • María Isidra Hoil - Oracle Girl
  • Abel Woolrich - Laughing man
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Some of the actors which are featured in the Apocalypto trailer include Rudy Youngblood, Dalia Hernandez and Raoul Trujillo. There are several trailers and some or all may be present depending on which trailer is viewed.

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Q: Which actors are featured in the Apocalypto trailer?
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