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The original seven members of Village People were:

  1. Victor Willis (Cop)
  2. Alex Briley (GI)
  3. Mark Mussler (Construction Worker)
  4. David Forrest (Cowboy)
  5. Felipe Rose ("Indian")
  6. Glenn Hughes (Leather Man)
  7. Peter Whitehead (nondescript)

In 1977, Mark Mussler, David Forrest, and Peter Whitehead left the band. David Hodo and Randy Jones took the roles Construction Worker and Cowboy, respectively.

In 1979, Victor Willis and Randy Jones left to be replaced by Ray Simpson (Cop) and Jeff Olson (Cowboy).

In 1995, Glenn Hughes was replaced by Eric Anzalone (Leather Man).

In 2013, Jim Newman replaced Jeff Olson as Cowboy and Bill Whitefield replaced David Hodo as Construction Worker.

Felipe Rose and Alex Briley are the only two members of the original band to still be in the band.

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Q: Which Village People musicians were not part of the original Village People?
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