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Kevin Jonas is the most ticklish and I was shocked because I thought Nick would be but when they came over to my house when I wasn't feeling well I had to do my course work and I needed to help me answer a question and a question just poped up for me to answer so I put Nick down then Joe and Nick looked at the screen and Joe said "Hey Shaleen that's not right," and Nick said

"Yeah, I'm not the ticklish one Kevin is." and I was like WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yeah and Kevin's ticklish spot is his soles.

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Q: Which Jonas Brother is really ticklish?
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Which Jonas brother is the most ticklish and is he tickled a lot?

idk and i dont really think that is a good question! [sorry to sound rude]

Which celebrity's are ticklish?

harrsison Ford Hugh jackman the Jonas brother and many more

Which Jonas brother is the most ticklish?

I can honestly tell you I've never tickled my brothers, so I wouldn't know. Although that sounds like the start to a really interesting adult film.

What are the Jonas brother really name?

Their real names are Kevin Jonas nick Jonas and joe Jonas

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Frankie Jonas is ticklish. It is rumored that he is ticklish under his earlobe, but he has not stated if that is true.

Is Frankie Jonas really one of the Jonas brothers?

yes Frankie is there brother

Who is more ticklish Nick Jonas or Kevin Jonas?

NICK (i tickled him)

What is the Jonas Brothers fdamily tree?

Well all I really know is that the Jonas Brother's have a younger brother named Frankie and were born to by Denise and Kevin Jonas.

Who is the Jonas Brother that is a sore loser?

Nick Jonas, he's just really competitive.

What do the Jonas Brothers think about there new song burnin up?

The Jonas Brother's are really excited that it was a big hit and are really proud of it.

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no one can really know but her and God of course and whatever Jonas brother she may be in love with, if shes told him

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