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Sara Hicks is currently together again with her ex Taylor Lautner, the former twilight star has re-united there appeal and decided to give life a second chance at reckindling there previous disagreement of seperation.

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Q: Which Hollywood actor has Sara Hicks dated?
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In Lautners life is there a Sara?

Yes, Sara Nicole Hicks. They dated.

What actress did Taylor Lautner date in 2006?

he dated Sara Hicks in 2006

Taylor lautner once dated which actress in 2006?

he never dated an actress in 2006. he dated a girl from his school sara hicks in 2006

Is sara hicks famous?

i dont think she is famouse because she dated him through high school she is so lucky :D

Is Sara Hicks Lava Girl?

Lava girl is played by Taylor Dooley, not Sara Hicks.

Is sara hicks a celebrity?


Does sara hicks have a MySpace?

no she doesn't

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Who was Taylor Lautners ex-girlfriend?

sara hicks

When did sara hicks have burthday?

April 11,1991 Makes her Nineteen