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There is no such episode... there doesn't even seem to be a song called "Move What if Your Feet" or a group Senior Junior.

You must mean "Move Your Feet" by Junior Senior... that song has never been featured in Family Guy

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Q: Which Family Guy Episode uses the song Move What if your Feet by Senior Junior?
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What is the song with the pixelated fox in the video?

Junior Senior - move your feet.

Where can someone find the song by Junior Senior 'Move Your Feet'?

The song "Move Your Feet" by Junior Senior can be found on many websites. Among them are iTunes, Pandora, eMusic, YouTube,, Amazon, eBay, and Sound Cloud.

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...Think this was "move your feet" by Danish band Junior and Senior.

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= Move Your Feet by Junior Senior =

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Move Your Feet is a song by the Danish pop duo, Junior Senior. The song was recorded in 2002 and was their biggest hit. It was played in clubs all over the world.

Is the band junior senior gay?

While the band Junior Senior gained popularity for promoting LGBTQ+ visibility and acceptance with their hit song "Move Your Feet," their sexual orientations were not publicly disclosed during their time together. The band has been known for their supportive and inclusive message, regardless of their personal identities.

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