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  • Fiona Apple, singer
  • Christina Applegate, actress
  • Kevin Bacon, actor
  • Warren Burger, Clinton administration
  • Halle Berry, actress
  • Drew Barrymore, actress, model
  • Pierce Brosnon, actor
  • Dr. Joyce Brothers
  • John Candy, comic, actor
  • Coco Chanel, designer
  • Dante Culpepper, NFL QB
  • Randall Cunningham, NFL QB
  • Lawrence Fishbourne, actor
  • Carrie Fisher, actress
  • Melonie Griffith, actress
  • Ice-T, actor, Law and Order SVU
  • Jack Lemon, actor
  • Sugar Ray Leonard, boxer
  • Adam Lambert, singer
  • Meatloaf, singer
  • Christopher Meloni, actor, aka Elliot, Law and Order SVU
  • Joyce Carol Oats, American author
  • Pam Oliver, sports reporter
  • Oliver Platt, actor
  • Eve Plumb, actress, aka Jan Brady, The Brady Bunch
  • Christopher Plummer, actor
  • Jake Plummer, NFL QB
  • Jerry Rice, NFL WR, 49ers
  • Esther Rolle, actress, aka Florida / Good Times 70's tv comedy
  • Ben Rothesburger, NFL QB
  • Brittany Spears, singer
  • Martha Stewart, domestic diva
  • Rod Stewart, singer
  • Darryl Strawberry, former MLB player
  • Sully Sullenberger, pilate hero on the Hudson
  • Mare Winningham, actress
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Q: Which Celebrities have food in their name?
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