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Get the prepared for the NEET online exam from one of the best eduction website in India. We offer best and easy to understand teachings. We have desgin our theory on the basis of NCRT so that students can Imporve their concepts. best test series for neet

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Aman Gupta

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∙ 2y ago
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Rj Vision

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∙ 3y ago

Though many coaching institutes are now offering NEET crash course, it feels proud to share the RJ Vision was one of the first to introduce it in Vadodara, India. Moreover, we already have students who have made record score by being part of our NEET crash course. These two primarily make RJ Vision the best NEET crash course institute in Vadodara.

If you are a NEET aspirant and looking for the best NEET crash course in Vadodara, please consider us for the following facilities:

  1. Classes by experienced teachers and industrial professionals

  2. Focus on NCERT syllabus only

  3. Limited students per batch

  4. Direct interaction of student and teacher

  5. Regular mock test for time management development

  6. Old question paper solving session

  7. Last minute tips and suggestion

  8. Special class on weak areas

  9. Interactive learning

  10. Equal focus on theory and practical knowledge development

These are just a handful of 10 unique features that make the RJ Vision NEET crash course the best choice for students. For more information about NEET crash course, feel free to get in touch with us.

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Rj Vision

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∙ 3y ago

Even after all coaching, teaching and guidance, self-studying plays a pivotal role for NEET exam. Until students spend time themselves to understand and learn, the outcome might not be favorable. Thus to help students, RJ Vision as a leading NEET coaching institute in Vadodara, Gujarat explains self-study tips for NEET exam that are practical and easy to achieve-

  1. Focus on NCERT syllabus

The primary key to crack NEET exam is to focus and stick to the NCERT exam. Spending extra time on reference books or neglecting the NCERT syllabus does not work for good NEET exam preparation.

  1. Get help from your coaching

Do not just be a part of a NEET coaching just like a practice. If you are taking a NEET coaching, be attentive and clear all your doubts there itself. Your queries and doubts can be helpful resource for others.

  1. Understand the mark division of NEET exam

Even a day before NEET exam many students remains so confused about its mark division. Well, NEET exam has 180 multi choice questions to be completed in 3-hours’ time.

  1. Be careful about negative marking

NEET exam has negative marking. For each wrong answer, there is a 1 mark deduction. Please be careful and answer likewise in NEET exam.

  1. Spend time on weaker sections

Not spending time on weaker sections of the NEET syllabus will not improve you. Hence, spend time on your weak sections of the NEET syllabus and try to confident about them before the final exam day.

  1. Allot revision time

NEET syllabus is huge. Thus, ensure you have ample revision time in advance where you can revise all aspects of the NEET syllabus.

  1. Solve old question paper

This has been an important aspect of NEET exam preparation – solving old NEET question paper. Solving old question paper of NEET exam develops time management skills as well.

  1. Make notes

Students must develop a practice of making notes for NEET exam. Notes make it easy to learn and remember the relevant and important information only.

  1. Take care of yourself

Often extreme exhaustive NEET preparation deteriorates student health. Thus take care of yourself during NEET exam preparation by taking breaks, eating healthy, sleeping as required.

  1. Appear for mock tests

NEET coaching institutes like RJ Vision conduct mock tests for NEET exam. Appear for such exams to develop an understanding about the question paper pattern of NEET, time management and so on.

  1. Talk to your seniors

Talk and discuss with your seniors who have recent experience of appearing for the NEET exam. This will help to develop a practical understanding about the NEET exam.

  1. Consider online learning

NEET online learning course, study materials and mock tests are available on apps of RJ Vision, different websites and so on. When preparing for NEET exam, consider such online NEET exam preparation online learning course.

RJ Vision as a NEET preparation coaching institute in Vadodara, Gujarat highly encourages students to do good self-studying for NEET exam for best performance and score.

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According to me the best way to study is make there own method which is suitable to you and in which you perform better and more consistently but I suggest some methods are;

  1. First of all make a proper time table and set your daily goals and try to accomplish it which can boost your study.

  2. Start with the difficult: So, always start studying with the things you hate the most, maybe something that you find difficult or not interested in studying.. don't wait for the last moment to study that!

  3. Record your study time: This had helped me a lot! It often happens that we feel that we studied all day but actually we didn't! So, start recording your study time, you'll atleast get to know how much you studied, you'll get more motivated towards studying if you do so!! (I use an app called study buddy for this.)

  4. Choose a platform which is provide a good value and study material like Exam Praxis which provide all you want for a NEET, So choose platform according to your subject or Exam.

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Nikhil rana

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∙ 2y ago


What is special in this NEET material?

  1. Target NEET and CBSE (Class 11 and Class 12)Subjects - Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  2. Each topic contains a detailed Theory with Images + Exercises
  3. NOTE - No Brand name and watermark

NEET Complete material by CBSE Materials

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