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hey if u gotta watch all the naruto episodes u can go watch it in!! itz the best site eva!!!... but some of the episodes are subbed and some are dubbed in english. you can even read the mangas! every new episode of shippuden and the new manga chapter releases on friday. check this site out it rox my sox!!! BELIVE IT!!! DATTEBAYO!!!

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Q: Where you can watch naruto Shippuden full episode?
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What happends on episode 200 in Shippuden?

Watch the Naruto Shippuden episode 200 at narutoget.comNote: Play's full episode and no download is required, so far there is now 206 episodes on Naruto Shippuden from

When will Naruto Shippuden 204 be issued?

Well I DO NOT know if they will release Naruto Shippuden episode 204 on DVD, though I do know you can watch the FULL episode at narutoget.comNote: No download is required but they only play the episode's in subbed not dubbed.

Where can you watch Naruto shippuden 86 and 87 online full episode?

You can watch it or

Which website has the full episode of naruto Shippuden?

go to

Where do you can watch naruto Shippuden episode 142?

You can watch full episodes of naruto at

What episode or chapter of Naruto does Sai shove Naruto's face full of ramen?

Episode 90 You Can Watch It

Where can i watch Naruto Shippuden full episodes besides You tube because it is for adults and i live in Brunei so Veoh is not available?

Check link below book its where i watch all my anime. All full episodes to!! when u go there you have to click the anime u want to watch Naruto and Naeuto Shippuden are both there.

What is the name of episode 133 of naruto called?

Original: Full Throttle Power! Chōji, Ablaze!Shippuden: The Serpent's Pupil

What website is Naruto ShippΕ«den 4th full movie?

You can watch it on There's Naruto Shippuden episodes and all the movies in the Naruto series so far. You can also read Naruto manga there.

When are the naruto shippuden season 11 fillers going to end?

They end at the very last episode (episode 220). :(

Where can you watch naruto Shippuden movie 3 full?

Follow the link below and watch all naruto, naruto shippuden episodes and movies for free.

What Naruto spinoff?

Naruto Shippuden is the naruto spin-off i guess..Naruto Shippuden is the continuation of the original seriesYou can watch episodes at or if you want to watch it in english. English subs can be watched at anime44.netAlso it comes on disneyXD a cable channel.****Added answer*****It's Rock Lee Seishun No Seishun Full-Power Ninden or Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals