Where would you hear opera?

Updated: 8/31/2023
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at an Opera house

Google image search it to see what it looks like

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Q: Where would you hear opera?
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If you went to an opera would you hear music?

Yes you would.

Which composer opera do you hear the enhanced role of an ensemble intheplot?

Phatom of the opera

What requests does the Opera Ghost make to the new managers in the movie Phantom fo the Opera?

To make certain his opera box is free for the Phantom to watch their stage play and to see, to hear Christine sings.

What is an opera-buffer?

Assuming you mean "opera buffa" then the definition would be a comedic opera, as opposed to an "opera seria," meaning "serious opera."

Which field of music would you associate Luciano Pavarotti with?

Usually opera

What is the difference between Classical Opera and Opera of Verdi?

Within this context -- any Verdi opera would be considered a classical opera.

What is the opera being sung in the Taco Bell Triple Steak commercial?

It is "Recitar! Vesti La Giubba" from the opera Pagliacci. (the part you hear in the commercial is about 1:50 in).

Why do singers in opera often sing loud?

'Cause else the people in the back can't hear it.

How did gaston leroux hear about the phantom of the opera house musical productin?

Gaston Leroux created the Phantom of the Opera in 1909 as a novel. He was the Opera House reporter of Paris, France. He did basically did reviews of their musical plays as well as investigations for the missing and crimes.

Is it normal for your hamster to sing opera?

Only if they have been classically trained. Most hamsters don't sing ... where you can hear them ....

Does Blink 182 sing a version of Phantom of the Opera?

Yes, you can hear and see Blink 182 sing on Youtube.

Why do you think audiences in the 1800s flocked to opera houses to see opera performances?

The same as now days - except then there was no TV, radio, films etc, so it was really the only way one could hear a full opera. Also it was more of a social matter then.