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Mallorca, Spain

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Q: Where was the new kayak commercial shot?
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Who plays Mandy on the new kayak commercial?

Right answer, wrong spelling. It's Selina Giles.

Who is the girl in the kayak commercial?


Who plays the old crooner on Kayak commercial?

It is Andy Stahl, and he did two spots for Kayak.

Who is the actress in the kayak-com commercial?

Selina Giles.

Who is the actor in the kayak commercial about Cancun?

Mike bronson

Who is dancer in kayak commercial?

Lisa West, Sam West

Is the same guy in nationwide and kayak commercial the same?


Who is Matt the salesman in American express kayak commercial?

Jason Dolley?

What actor plays frank reardon in the kayak commercial?

Dan Akroyd

Who is the male singer in the Kayak commercial?

It was Theo Pollinlinner I think that was his name antway.

Who is the new guy in the spiriva commercial?

New York actor Barney Fitzpatrick but, the spot was was shot in Los Angeles with director Steve Chase.

Where is the Claritin commercial with the kayak and white water rafter filmed?

That would be on the Kananaskis River in Alberta, Canada.