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Q: Where was the location in the third season of the real world?
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Where was the location of the third season of 'The Real World'?

San Francisco

Where was the third season of the real world located?

San Francisco

Where is the location for the real world 22?

Cancun, Mexico.

Which real world was Brad on?

San Diego, season 14.

How can you recommend they make a 3rd season of house of Anubis?

well if you are a real fan of house of anubis then go and tweet at nickelodean usa for a third season

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The third richest football club in the world is Barcelona.After Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Where will the second season of angel beats be?

As you see in he end of season one it will take place in the real world

Where was the first season of MTV's Real World filmed?

New York

What team was responsible for real Madrid exist from copa del rey last season?

It was a third tier club called Alracorn.

When did the third vampire knight season come out?

there is no 3rd season out yet but you could read the comic book go to NO THERE DEFINETLY WILL BE A THIRD SEASON! YOU DON'T HAVE ANY HOPE! I'M DISSAPOINTED. AHEM let me explain. there will be a season 3 of vk and it will be called vk eternity on july 5 2012 a lot of fale trailers but there is a real 1 Good luck! ^.^

Is total drama world tour real?

they finished the season last year, so yes

When is the next season of real world road rules challenge?

in September, but shoting will begin on june.