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The first practical (with light, electricity & film) motion picture was shown to an invited audience on June 6, 1894 in Richmond, Indiana. C. Francis Jenkins began experimenting with film in 1890 and a motion picture projector in 1892. He called it a "motion picture projecting box" and named it the Phantoscope. The film showed a vaudeville dancer performing a butterfly dance. The June 6, 1894 exhibition was the first documented showing of a filmed motion picture before an audience. (Richmond (Indiana) Telegram, June 6, 1894)

In the fall of 1895, Jenkins and a partner, Thomas Armat, gave a demonstration of projected motion pictures at the Cotton States Exposition in Atlanta with a modified Phantoscope.

The Phantoscope projector was later sold to Thomas Edison. He changed the name of the projector to Edison's Vitascope. In April 1896 in New York City he began showing motion pictures to audiences who had paid admission.

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The earliest press reports of the projection of a motion picture was in the Richmond Telegram, June 6, 1894. It was on that same day in Richmond, Indiana when C. (Charles) Francis Jenkins showed a film of a vaudeville dancer performing the butterfly dance. Jenkins had filmed the dancer himself. While he more than likely had projected the film in his lab, the Richmond showing was the earliest reported projection in front of an audience as he had invited family, friends and newsmen to witness the show.

The historical event was also reported in the New York Herald Tribune,

The Literary Digest and The Indianapolis News.

"The viewers went behind the screen to impress the wall and ascertain there was no trickery, for there were no words to express it."

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Q: Where was the first movie projected?
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