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I think it's Costa Rica! it actually looks like the town where my husband is from on the carribbean side of the country. have to watch it again to know for sure! It is in Costa Rica. Its in a town called Puerto Viejo, or at least the rock fixture in the ocean and the street merchants are. The rainforest trails look like trails there too but that part could be anywhere in Costa Rica for all I know.

I was wondering about this too. Thanks for the comments & answers. I think one of the beach scenes was in Punta Uva-it shows the bluff in the background and is right in front of my house! How cool.

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Q: Where was the Dulera TV commercial filmed?
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Who is the actress in the Sue's World Dulera commercial?

It is believed to be Diane Luby Lane in Sue's World Dulera commercial. Which was filmed in beautiful Costa Rica.

Where was the commercial for Dulera sue's world filmed?

In Costa Rica, around Manzanillo/ Puerto Viejo, it is a beautiful place.

Where was the latest direct tv commercial filmed?

The commercial was filmed in Cloudcroft. New Mexico

Where is the Dulera commercial made?

costa rica

Who is the actress on the Dulera commercial?

diane luby lane

Who is actress in dulera commercial?

Diane Luby Lane

What is the dulera commercial music?

Moondance by Van Morrison

Where was Dulera Ad Sue's World filmed?

In Costa Rica, it is truly a beautiful place.

What is the music in dulera commercial?

That's 'Moondance' by Van Morrison

Where is fishing pier the Lantus TV commercial was filmed?

It looks like Ft Lauderdale at Commercial & A1A. Not sure.

Where was the Volvo s60 wrestler tv commercial filmed?

The city where the Volvo S60 Wrestler commercial was shot is Benidorm, Spain.

Who is the woman in Dulera commercial titled Sues world?

Diane Luby Lane