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30 November 1959

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Q: Where was lorraine kelly born?
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When was Lorraine Kelly born?

Lorraine Kelly was born on November 30, 1959.

What is Lorraine Kelly's birthday?

Lorraine Kelly was born on November 30, 1959.

What type of job is held by Lorraine Kelly?

Lorraine Kelly is a Scottish born television presenter best known for TV-am, GMTV, ITV Breakfast, Daybreak, and Lorraine. She is also an actress and journalist.

What actors and actresses appeared in Walk Off the Pounds with Lorraine Kelly - 2004?

The cast of Walk Off the Pounds with Lorraine Kelly - 2004 includes: Lorraine Kelly as herself

Who is Lorraine Kelly?

Lorraine Kelly (born November 30, 1959 in Glasgow) is a Scottish television presenter and journalist who has worked on various breakfast television shows in the United Kingdom, including TV-am, GMTV, and Daybreak.

How old is Lorraine Kelly?

Lorraine Bracco is approximately 5 foot 8 inches.

When was Lorraine Rothman born?

Lorraine Rothman was born in 1932.

When was Lorraine Garland born?

Lorraine Garland was born in 1963.

When was Anna of Lorraine born?

Anna of Lorraine was born in 1522.

When was Lorraine Rodgers born?

Lorraine Rodgers was born in 1921.

When was Lorraine Fenton born?

Lorraine Fenton was born in 1973.

When was Marie Lorraine born?

Marie Lorraine was born in 1899.