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Q: Where was Steven Gerrad born and when?
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How many goals has steven gerrad scored for England?

steven gerrad had scored 65 goals for England

Who is steven gerrad?

Steven Gerrad is an english premier league soccer player who plays for Liverpool Football Club.

Were doze Steven gerrad live?

In Liverpool.

Who do you like Steven Gerrard or Fernado Torres?

steven gerrad cause my god he is

What was steven gerrad first football club?


Who is Liverpool's best player 2011?

steven gerrad

Is steven gerrad cousin callled Anthony gerrad?

Yes, Anthony Gerrad is Steven's cousin. And they played against each other in 2012 Carling Cup Final . Anthony Gerrad was born in Liverpool, mercy side . He was Everton youth academy product and plays for Cardiff as a center back at the moment. He also qualifies to play for Rep. of Ireland through his grand parents and has represented them in u-18s .

How old is steven gerrad?

He's 29 years old

Who has worn the Liverpool number 8 shirt?

Steven Gerrad

Is Steven gerrad a Italian?

ovo not he is English as he plays for Liverpool and England

How tall is steven gerrad?

He is 6 ft or 1.83 m tall.

What does Steven Gerrad do at home?

kissing boys and his son (3 months)