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MLB player Steve Pearce was born in Lakeland, FL.

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Q: Where was Steve Pearce born?
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When was Steve Pearce - baseball - born?

Steve Pearce - baseball - was born on 1983-04-13.

When and where was baseball player Steve Pearce born?

Steve Pearce was born April 13, 1983, in Lakeland, FL, USA.

What MLB team does Steve Pearce play for?

Steve Pearce plays for the Baltimore Orioles.

How tall is Steve Pearce?

MLB player Steve Pearce is 5'-11''.

Does Steve Pearce bat right or left?

MLB player Steve Pearce bats right.

Does Steve Pearce throw right or left?

MLB player Steve Pearce throws right.

How much does Steve Pearce weigh?

MLB player Steve Pearce weighs 200 pounds.

What is Steve Pearce's number on the Baltimore Orioles?

Steve Pearce is number 28 on the Baltimore Orioles.

How old is Steve Pearce?

As of the 2014 MLB season, Steve Pearce is 31 years old.

When was Paul Pearce born?

Paul Pearce was born in 1956.

When was Irene Pearce born?

Irene Pearce was born in 1901.

When was Bryan Pearce born?

Bryan Pearce was born in 1929.