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Bergen Op Zoom, The Netherlands.

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Q: Where was Edward Anton Asselbergs born?
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What did Edward A asselbergs invent in 1962?

instant mashed potatoes

When was Eddy Asselbergs born?

Eddy Asselbergs was born on May 3, 1943, in Merksem, Flanders, Belgium.

Who came up with the idea for instant mashed potato?

About 500 years ago when someone overcooked the potatoe.

Who is Edward Asselbergs?

In 1960 Dr. Asselbergs developed the process for making instant mashed potato flakes, the patent that is still used world-wide today

What is the birth name of Eddy Asselbergs?

Eddy Asselbergs's birth name is Eddy Annie Joannes Asselbergs.

When was Anton Anton born?

Anton Anton was born in 1949.

When was Anton Zilzer born?

Anton Zwengauer was born in 1810.

When was Anton Berg born?

Anton Berg was born on 1907-10-28.

When was Anton Cermak born?

Anton Cermak was born on May 9, 1873.

When was Anton Altmann born?

Anton Altmann was born in 1808.

When was Anton Bulla born?

Anton Bulla was born in 1901.

When was Anton Ginsburg born?

Anton Ginsburg was born in 1930.