Where to get music samples?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Maybe from and other related sites.

Maybe you want to extract them from an old tape, or some mp3 files.

In the stores you may find CDs containing special effects and samples.

Anyway, there are a lot of places where you can get samples.

I hope this answer helps you :)

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Q: Where to get music samples?
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Where is it possible to listen to samples of background music?

It is possible to listen to samples of background music online at Sam's Club. They have a wide variety of styles of music. Some of the styles are - Baby, Jewish, Salsa and Surf/Rock. Have fun!

What determines the quality of the reproduction of music on a computer?

Number of samples.

What type of music does Parool play?

Parool is a band that plays electronic music. The music has a soft whimsical tone. Samples of it can be heard online at music website and also on Youtube.

Where can one find drum n bass music samples?

Drum and bass music is easy to find especially using your computer. There are places like Jungle Sample and Breakfast Bass that offers some samples for you to use and listen to.

Space Vehicle that contains music recordings?

Voyager 1 had a disc with samples of music along with other things when it was put into space

What are the toys from the early 00's that play 30 second samples of music?


How can i put my music on the web for people to hear?

Many pro bands have myspace sites with samples.

What rap song that's samples the music from Boogie Shoes?

Trick Daddy "Take It To The House"

How can you find more information about Damien Jurado?

Biographical details about Jamien Jurado can be found on Wikipedia. More information and samples of his music can be found on music websites such as Amazon and BBC music.

What genre of music does Cassetteboy play?

The genre of music that Cassetteboy plays is difficult to define as their music is mostly made up of samples taken from TV programs and the news. This style of music is sometimes defined as plunderphonics.

What is a beatmaker?

A beatmaker is a person who is a music producer in hip-hop or rap music, responsible for constructing a beat or melody, particularly one made up of samples.

Which musical genre is covered by the website DasHumans?

The website is for the Canadian group DasHumans, with several samples of their music. Their style of music is a combination of indie electro soul pop.