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The sign should be placed in the front of the property where it can be easily viewed by anyone approaching the property so any would be criminals can see you are protected.

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Q: Where should an adt sign be placed?
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Where does one place their Adt stickers?

ADT stickers should be placed on windows and doors of homes and places of business. They can also be placed in front of homes on signs that are inserted in the ground on the lawn and on the sides of the steps and the house.

What information does ADT have online about security?

ADT offers residential alarm monitoring at affordable prices as well as offering CCTV, fire and smoke sensors. They also placed facts to why you should buy an ADT product.

How many adt signs will you get with your purchase?

When you purchase your ADT security system you will recieve 1 window decal as well as 1 yard sign. You may be able to purchase more you should ask your local ADT store.

Can you purchase more than one ADT sign when you purchase the security system?

Yes you can, many times ADT encourages its customers to do so. Many people believe the sign alone will deter theives.

Where can I buy an ADT alarm in Dallas?

The ADT security system can be purchased at many home security system providers in the Dallas, TX region. Such providers include the ADT company itself as well as other authorized dealers. Providers include ADT Security Services, Mac Alarms, ADT, and National Alarm Company which is an authorized ADT dealer.

How many feet before the hazard should the sign be placed?

5 feet

Is ADT a good company to look at for security systems for your home?

ADT is the leading security system seller and installer. I would recommend them. Resources state that crime is 80 percent less likely to occur to a house that has a visible ADT sign near the entryway or front door.

Where is the best place to buy a ADT yard sign?

ADT is the name in home security. Your best chance of getting a yard sign is to get a home safety system. It comes complete with yard signs, door and window stickers.

Where should the American flag be placed on a Veterans grave?

its not mandatory but it is a sign of respect for the life he/she lived

What is the market cap for ADT Corporation ADT?

As of July 2014, the market cap for ADT Corporation (ADT) is $5,833,743,993.72.

What is the symbol for ADT Corporation in the NYSE?

The symbol for ADT Corporation in the NYSE is: ADT.

What does the acronym ADT stand for in ADT Security?

The acronym ADT, as in ADT Security, originally stood for American District Telegraph in the 1800s, but now the company is known more simply as ADT Security.