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If your talking about the sofa where your supposed to get the sword you go to the house where you see two "lights" one of the people will try to kill you and they wont let you in there is a hole on the side on the house use "dig" to get in the hole wich leads you inside the house and there is a sofa with a sword on it.

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Q: Where is the sofa in twilight princess?
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How do you get the sword from Rusl's sofa in Zelda Twilight Princess?

Get next to it and pick it up.

In legend of Zelda twilight princess when your with midna where do you find the sword on the sofa?

To find "the sword on the sofa," you go to Rusl's house and over to the right (left on Gamecube), there's some dark dirt. You dig into the house, and the precious sofa sword will be in there.

In the book twilight does Edward have a black sofa?

Another Twilight fan! Yes, in the novel Edward has a leather black sofa. However, in the movie he has a white leather sofa.

Is malon in twilight princess?

No, Malon is not in twilight princess.

Who is the real Twilight Princess?

The real Twilight Princess is Midna.

In twilight princess where is kokiri forest?

There is no Kokori Forest in Twilight Princess.

In the fishing hole of legend of Zelda twilght princess what does Hena's bird say?

↑ "Iii-DIOT!" - Purdy (Twilight Princess)↑ "Scra-AAM!" - Purdy (Twilight Princess)↑ "Go ho-OME!" - Purdy (Twilight Princess)↑ "Go-OOD moor-NING!" - Purdy (Twilight Princess)↑ "Go-OOD eve-NING!" - Purdy (Twilight Princess)↑ "How-DEE!" - Purdy (Twilight Princess)↑ "Pur-DEE's pur-DEE!" - Purdy (Twilight Princess)

What do you get after betting Zelda twilight princess?

After beating twilight princess you don't get anything.

What are the Twilight princess poe locations?

Twilight princess poe locations are where you can find poes

Where can i find Zeldas dress from Zelda The Twilight Princess Or at least how do i make her dress?

Twilight Princess

What is the music for twilight princess credits?

a different version of the hyrule field/twilight princess theme

How do you unlock beta monsters in twilight princess?

I do not recall hearing about beta monsters in Twilight Princess.