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You encounter him at the end of the Underground Tunnel Tour. He tells you to get the museum job. When you get it, and return after dark, he sends you to protect the famous painting from being stolen. (This does not work out so well.)

Later, you will find a clue to his whereabouts. Get the timecard from the guard at the clown store, and print a photo from the videos. Show his photo to the mimes, who pantomime "musical instruments" as found in the Jazz cafe.

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Q: Where is the shady guy on Counterfeit Island?
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Where did shady guy dropp the key card on counterfeit island?

its on the edge of the dock

Where is the shady guy in Counterfeit Island?

under the palm tree hope you complete it!

Where is the shady guy in step 22 for What is the walkthrough for Counterfeit Island?

At the end of the tunnel.

Counterfeit Island in Poptropica how to escape from the ropes?

you scoot over to the shady guy and he will undo them for you

Where is the key card that the shady guy drops on counterfeit island?

When he leaves he will leave it on the docks

Where did the shady guy go and who knows where to find him on counterfeit island on poptropica?

the jazz place

How can you print the picture of the shady guy in counterfeit island?

Search it on google then when you find it, print it out?! Everyone knows that!

How do you get the sharp tool on counterfeit island?

There are no sharp tools on Counterfeit Island. The balloons are popped by clicking them, and you free yourself from the chair by "scooting" it backward to the shady guy who is also tied up.

What happens to the shady guy on Counterfeit Island?

The shady guy on Counterfeit Island gets caught by the police and arrested for his criminal activities, specifically counterfeiting art. He is then taken away to face justice for his crimes.

Where is the dragon picture piece behind the guy on Counterfeit Island?

One piece is on the beach at the Docks, near where you meet the shady guy at the Tunnel Tour exit.

What does the guy say to you when you meet him at night on Counterfeit Island?

The shady guy meets you at the Docks exit from the Underground Tour, and tells you to enter the museum to stop the theft.

How do you get over to the shady guy to get untied on counterfeit island?

Place your mouse cursor to the right of your seated character and drag it across to the left, carefully. This will "scoot" you along the floor to the Shady Guy. If you fall over, you have to start it again.